Siza sets the trend for a new breed of pharmaceutical companies, who would be proud to be a national enterprise.

We respect the continuing development in R&D taking place in the great centers of learning of the developed world and we welcome the transfer of technology to our country. We believe that the coming years will demand more from a pharmaceutical company than the past decade.

Customers and patients around the world are expressing growing urgency for innovative pharmaceutical based care to fight disease, save life, to improve quality of life and reduce healthcare costs. The needs of these customers and patients are the basis for all our strategies.



Siza’s Mission is to be at the forefront of premier healthcare provides through continuous improvement of our products, services and continuous development of our human resources.


Our aim, however, stands at self-reliance and indigenous development of pharmaceutical products, second to none in quality.


We feel that the biggest strength we have is that we are an organization created specially in response to an environment of health care demands.

Production Facilities

At our most modern and sophisticated plant located just outside the city of Lahore, we meet our country's demand for quality intravenous solutions and other pharmaceutical products, under the supervision of highly qualified technical staff. Strict adherence to current good manufacturing practices, and quality control measures is the basic standard at SIZA.

The pillar on which the quality assurance stands, is that the manufacturing processes are in total conformity with the laid down validated systems concerning environment, equipment and products with a complete network of "In process controls".

The quality of product ultimately depends on the quality of those producing it, therefore training and professional development of all production and quality control staff is given utmost importance. The instruments used for monitoring process are carefully handled and regularly calibrated, as only a reliable instrument can guarantee the quality of process.

Every effort is made to ensure the quality of all SIZA products. Therefore the quality of raw materials, equipment, process techniques, production environment and personnel are of the highest standards.


Our marketing office takes care of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services to meet the needs and requirements of our valued customers in the market.

We have strict internal procedures under which all the promotional material and services are developed. All the work is further reviewed to ensure their compliance with highest ethical standards.

Innovative problem solving can only be achieved through close cooperation of our customers.

We are working to anticipate and influence market place changes and to build market coalitions that insure patients access to our products.


SIZA's field force comprises of a group of motivated and dedicated marketers. They visit a large number of doctors and medical professionals every month. It’s in their job to take care of questions and queries of the doctors related to our products in specific and other relative questions in general. Our hardworking, skilled and motivated sales force is always there when needed.


The nationwide distribution network of SIZA is organized on the same lines as other leading Pharmaceutical companies. We have more than 40 distributors, which are being looked after by our Sales managers in their respective zones. These distributors are responsible for comprehensive coverage within their respective areas. In large cities/ areas there are separate distributors for commercial sales and institutional business. This setup ensures better coverage and service to these two market segments.

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Since the company's formation in 1985, SIZA's products and services are constantly evolving to meet the needs of humanity.

Need of a pharmaceutical company was felt which could provide quality products with economy for the local market of Pakistan. Idea gained approval of a group of businessmen who had the vision of serving the nation and humanity. The project was started in 1980 and finally Siza International (Pvt.) Limited came into production in 1985.

quality standards

Healthcare products are all about standards, and ours are among the highest in the industry. We operate under strict regulatory procedures to maintain the highest level of quality standards at SIZA.

We are ISO 9002 certified and meet the high audit standards of the pharmaceutical industry. Our quality assurance team promises accuracy - in both product quality and packaging. With our professional staff, covering every area of quality expertise, SIZA is your last word in quality.

We have a well-organized quality control department operated and controlled by highly qualified and professional team of analysts. All the products are produced following international standards set by United States Pharmacopoeia (USP), European Pharmacopoeia (PH, EUR.) and Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP). At every level of production strict checks are applied so as to make sure that not even a single unit leave the factory remises without check of its quality. This is the reason that has made SIZA a quality synonym all over the country.

Recently we decided to go into the international market. International markets needed some assurance certification of our quality standards. Therefore ISO Certification was immediately started. Since we were already following all the international standards as such the certification took no time in its completion. Now SIZA is ISO 9002 certified company.

products & services

We are a product and services based organization. In this area you will find the current products and services we are providing. This section is primarily for professionals related to pharmaceutical industry but common public can also get some benefit from the information provided here.

Nurturing a customer-centered culture. Listening to customers and providing our medical information staff to co-ordinate Siza’s response to their business needs. Our goal is to understand and exceed the needs of those who influence patient access to our products.

Our approach to future is based on what customers and patients will need in years to come and we pursuing strategies to be a leader in satisfying these needs

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contact us

We have two offices in Pakistan.
Production facilities are located 18km outside second largest city of Pakistan, Lahore.

Factory Address

SIZA International (Private) Limited
18km Main Ferozepur Road,
Lahore-53000, Pakistan.

Phone :
+9242 3540-1758, +9242 3540-1759
+9242 3592-4752, +9242 3592-4754
Fax :
+92 42 3540-1762
For Exports related queries: -
Mobile Phone : +92322 841 4413
For Imports related queries: -
Mobile Phone : +92300 841 4413

Head Office (Sales & Marketing) Address

SIZA International (Private) Limited
48km, Lahore-Kasur road
Kasur, Pakistan

Human Resource & PW&D
Mobile Phone : +92 321-401-1765
Email :

Sales & Marketing
Mobile Phone : +92 333-450-3359
Email :

Distribution & Customers Management System
Mobile Phone : +92 333-846-2600
Email :

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